3 Skin Care Products Your Baby Needs


Jan 8, 2021

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As a responsible parent, your first pick should be a gentle and natural baby-care brand. Newborn skin is extremely delicate. They can flare up and cause rashes if mishandled. Further, treating these issues can be quite a daunting task involving medications and doctors. So, it is better to be careful right from the beginning. At this point, parents must read the labels carefully and pick the ones which are especially formulated for babies.

However, there is a wide range of products available in the market. You might wonder if they are required at all or would be safe for the child. Further, in case if the baby has existing skin condition, you must stick to clinically tested creams and lotions. Have a look at the top three products which are sufficient for a balanced baby skin care.

1. Moisturizing Oils

‘Maalish’ or massage is an age-old tradition passed down by the elder generation. It comes with truckloads of benefits; blood circulation, muscles strengthening, improving digestive system and a pleasant mother-child bond. Further, a massage session becomes extremely fruitful with good baby oils. Pick the ones which promise to protect the sensitive skin from dryness. Further, it must be able to soften the fragile baby skin. However, make sure the newborn baby skin care product is colorant, minerals and paraben free.

2. Ultra Soothing Creams

A newborn tends to have dry and peeling skin. If left untreated, this can be quite painful. Further, it heightens the chances of infections and irritations which leaves the baby fussy. So, it is crucial to use lotions which are dermatologist recommended to sooth and moisturize. Look for the Cetaphil baby moisturizing lotion which gives hydration for up to 24 hours. Apply liberally all over the face and body and massage well. This will help it to penetrate deep within skin.

Further, nappy rashes are also quite harmful for the little ones. Studies have found that 20% babies suffer from this condition so you are not alone. Pick a diaper cream which contains Vitamin E known to sooth and heal the skin. They can also shield from the wetness to offer long-lasting comfort to the baby.

3. Gentle Baby Wash

Bathing is an important part of skin-care routine. It keeps the skin from chafing and is also a fun time for the child. To make the most of this session, consider using newborn baby skin care wash and shampoo. Make sure they are tear-free and can blend into a soft rich lather. Rinse it off thoroughly to leave the hair and skin with a mild fragrance. However, make sure not to apply directly on the baby. Pour it into your palms or a washcloth before using. Towel dry and follow with a baby lotion for an all-rounder skincare.

Mothers must always make sure that the products do not contain any harmful chemicals. Consider a patch test to check if the skin reacts. You can also talk to your dermatologist to help you pick the right baby skin care products.

Information @ Finger Tips

Information @ Finger Tips

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