4 Effective Methods for Removing Underarm Hair


Oct 8, 2020

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Hair grows all over a human body. For men, hair grows a bit thicker than women. All of us want our unwanted hair to be gone, so we opt for different hair removing techniques. There can be many reasons for someone’s hair removal. Some do it for their personal hygiene, some for sexual pleasure and some have their religious purpose. The main growth areas of unwanted hair are armpit, genital areas, legs, and hands.

Removing underarm hair is very common for all of us. There are some very basic reasons behind it, such as:

  • In the summer time, they smell bad.
  • For sleeveless dresses, the armpit area is exposed, so removing armpit hair becomes necessary.
  • They can make us feel uneasy and itchy.

To remove our armpit hair, there are four best methods, which are, shaving with a razor, using a cream as an armpit hair remover, using wax strips and laser hair removal treatment.

  • Shaving:

This is the most popular and easiest way of getting rid of unwanted hair. However, one must have experience in shaving or else they can cut themselves. Before shaving, it will be better if they soak the area with water and apply some shaving cream or gel. The razor must not be too sharp or too blunt. These days we have many hair removal razors available in the market. One can first trim their hair so that the razor can do its job smoothly. After shaving, some moisturizing cream can be applied to make the skin softer.

  • Hair removing cream:

Using cream as a hair remover is very easy. One just has to apply the cream as per directions and wash it off after some time, and it is done. All of this sounds so simple, but one must take cautions before applying the cream. The cream suits the skin or not is to be tested, and the cream cannot stay on the skin for more than 10 minutes. The instructions should be followed strictly or else it can cause damage to skin.

  • Waxing strips:

This process is mainly done in saloons. Semi hot wax is applied on the skin with the help of a cloth and when it is dry, the wax is pulled off the skin with the unwanted hair. This stings a lot and if not done in a proper way, blood can come out of the pours. So it is better to go to an expert for this kind of job. Waxing strips can also be ordered online and one can do this job themselves if they know the right method.

  • Laser treatment:

This is a permanent hair removal process. For this, one must visit a certified dermatologist. This treatment is very expensive and needs 5 to 6 sessions for hair removal to be done. After the first session, there may be some swelling or redness. The laser penetrates the pores and destroys the hair cells so that the hair falls out and cannot grow back.

These all are the best armpit hair removing processes. One can opt for any of these and get rid of their unwanted hair.

Information @ Finger Tips

Information @ Finger Tips

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