Guidelines for Couples Expecting During Covid-19


May 2, 2021

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We all are sailing through uncertain times, where keeping ourselves confined within the four walls, wearing masks all the time and washing hands frequently is the new normal, to keep everybody safe and virus-free in our family. With the world being in the throes of the deadly pandemic that has already taken the lives of millions across the globe, getting pregnant is both happy and worrying news for expecting couples. Just like older men, pregnant women are at higher risk of catching the infection.

We have compiled all the best coronavirus safety tips for deliverythat expected coupled can adhere to for a safe and smooth delivery even amidst Coronavirus.

Top Guidelines to Help You with Safe Childbirth During COVID-19

Keep Away from Sick and Unwell People

The immune system of pregnant women isn’t strong but on the weaker side, thanks to the multiple physiological changes that make them vulnerable to lung infections and other illnesses related to flu and cold. Some researchers conducted by healthcare professionals also suggest that high fever during the initial stages of pregnancy can result in birth abnormalities. Hence, prioritising a pregnant woman’s safety is of utmost importance. Browse and find out the best safe delivery hospital in Hyderabad that sticks to strict protocols when abides by all the safety guidelines issued by the government where you can take your wife for childbirth.

Build Your Immune System

Helping your spouse eat nutrient-dense food is one of the primary ways to strengthen the immunity of pregnant women. Women need sufficient calcium and protein during their pregnancy to cater to their developing foetus. Try including food items like fresh veggies, fruits, lean meat, dairy products followed by supplements like vitamin D and zinc to build their immunity and make it stronger. Also, ensure your spouse is hitting the bed on time and is exercising regularly.

Ensure Your Partner is Sanitizing Themselves Properly

We cannot lay enough emphasis on the importance of sanitising. World Health Organisation has directed the right way to sanitise and wash hands. Adhere to these guidelines and encourage your spouse to wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Supply your pregnant spouse with soap and sanitiser and make a box of tissue paper always accessible to them, so she can always sanitise with the same, every time she coughs blows her nose, or even sneezes.

Always Keep Communicating with Your Doctor

Although the health professionals are busy battling the pandemic, you can always contact your doctor in case of emergencies as per the government. Self-medication is never safe during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor and undergo a stringent check-up. Choose a safe delivery hospital in Hyderabad for childbirth. Sanitise your hands as frequently as you can and maintain a 6-feet distance from everybody.

Pregnancy is one of those times where a woman demands good attention both for her physical and mental wellbeing. Adhere to all these coronavirus safety tips for delivery for safe and successful childbirth during COVID-19.

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