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July 31, 2020

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Plagiarism is widely prevalent in multiple fields, including academics, publishing, law firms, freelancing and SEO blogs. It has significantly risen, now that the global pandemic has shifted our lives online. Be it work from home, legal papers or student assignments – all projects are being done online. This has made it easier to simply copy content from another source.

The good news is that with the advent of efficient text match tools, it is possible to avoid both internal and external plagiarism. One can easily spot similar content now, which would have gone undetected in the past. The best tools are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, making the process extremely comprehensive, accurate and quick. Have a look at how it works to ensure plagiarism-free documents.

Text Comparison Tool

Cross checking is absolutely essential, even if you believe it is an original work. This completely eliminates any chance of even accidental duplicate content and further repercussions. The process is seamless and does not require any added expertise. All you have to do is upload both the old and the new files.

After the comparison is over, the words, phrases and similar portions get highlighted in red in the old file. To make the process even easier, these are deleted from your new file. The inserted portions will be marked in green, once the cross over is completed.

Benefits of Text Comparison Tool

The best text match tools come with an array of impressive benefits. The entire process can be performed online if you do not wish to download or install the software.

  • The tool can compare more than two files at a time, which saves manual labor and time.
  • You can synchronize the files at various speeds, according to your requirements. It can also be disabled or adjusted in case you face trouble in monitoring them together.
  • The entire process is extremely user friendly, with usage capacities installed.
  • A wide range of file formats, like PDF, docx, txt, etc., can be scanned for journalists, content marketers, students, professors and editors.
  • The application is compatible across multiple devices, including smartphones. This makes it convenient to compare texts even on the go.
  • Precise comprehensive results are delivered, which include word counts, plagiarism percentage and highlighted paragraphs. The best tools can also detect similar statistics and figures.
  • The results are fast and accurate and can be shared with team members and colleagues for further analysis.
  • Offline checking is possible through the application, to cut down on internet usage.
  • The comparison is reliable since it is driven by advanced powerful technologies.

Such plagiarism detection goes much beyond one-to-one identical word matches. It can even pick up content with similar meaning in over 100 languages. The multi-layered search mechanism can detect paraphrased, duplicate and similar content within seconds. The process can continue in the background for large volumes of data, without the need for human interference.

Owing to these features, the best tools fit multiple business and educational requirements. Add a convenient slot on the website with the duration to get started.

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