Tips To Maintain a Healthy Routine for Your Furry Friend


Dec 25, 2020

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Dogs are the best companions and every dog lover will agree to this. While every dog owner takes care of the basic needs of their furry friend including food and shelter, it is important to maintain a healthy routine for your dog to keep them healthy and active.

Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy routine for your dog.

  • Maintain Good Food Habits: While you will find several dog food brands in the market, ensure you feed good quality nutritious food to your dog. Also, ensure that you feed them the right quantity, not too much and not too little. Dry dog food is the best dog food. It is healthy and easy to store and measure as well. Moreover, make sure you feed your dog preservative and additive-free food to avoid any allergies or diseases. Research or take opinion from your vet for various food options and choose the best for your dog.
  • Food Supplements: Supplements like digestive enzymes, probiotics, and fish oil for pets can be a good addition to your dog’s diet. These supplements not only help in maintaining dietary balance but also help in promoting healthy digestive as well as immune systems that increase their natural resistance against various diseases.
  • Regular Grooming: Cleaning your dog’s teeth, ears, nails, bathing, and brushing them regularly should be a routine. Brushing their coats protects them against ear mites and infections and keeps their skin and coats in good condition.
  • Vaccines and Medication: Flea medications are inexpensive and they protect your dog against severe health conditions. Your veterinarian will prescribe them, and once started they must be given without fail every month for life. Schedule timely appointments with your vet for vaccines and regular check-ups of your dog’s well-being.
  • Daily Exercise: Just like us, humans, even dogs require physical exercise. Dogs are meant to be active and staying indoors living domestic life can work against them. You must take your dog out of the house for a run in a park or your backyard every day for a few hours. Give them the required playtime outdoors. They will not only enjoy it but will stay fit as well. The more active and fit your dog is, the better it is for them to prevent health issues.

The key to a healthy life for your dog is similar to that of us humans. Your canine can live a healthy and long life if you ensure that they are getting all these essentials, best dog food, proper nutrition, good exercise, good medical care, good but natural food supplements, and a safe and loving home. Taking the right steps can put your furry friend on the path to good health and long life.

Information @ Finger Tips

Information @ Finger Tips

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